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When researching my future mortgage company, I made the poor assumption that America’s largest lender, would be a good place to start. Boy was I wrong. It was immediately obvious that I was dealing with very inexperienced and inept associates. Rather than giving me good information, they strung me along for months eventually telling me they wouldn’t be able to close my loan for 2 more months. The information they based this on was information they had on DAY 1, and I should have been told upfront they wouldn’t be able to help.

Jason Ellis

My next stop was with Mike Alkema.  A completely different experience.  Mike Alkema was clearly experienced and professional.  It was evident from the start he knew what he was doing, and I trusted the information he provided me.  He kept in constant contact with me, filling me in every step along the process.  Never was I left wondering, “where are we on this?”  After spinning my wheels for months with the largest lender in the US, this was very much appreciated.   I’d do business again with them again without a second thought.

julie kilgore

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